Our due diligence program combines thorough regulatory, legal, and media screening with VDI’s unrivaled knowledge of the security situation and threat environment in our clients’ operational jurisdictions. Unlike competitor firms that provide high-volume database due diligence solutions, our experienced analysts tailor the focus of each due diligence project to our clients’ industry, risk profile, and specific needs.

We perform qualitative assessments of the risks inherent in specific business sectors, regulatory environments, and partnerships to give our clients the best insights into their risk exposure. In addition, VDI maintains an unparalleled network of well-positioned contacts worldwide, all of whom are available to conduct onsite inquiries into our clients’ prospective business partners, vendors, or customers.

Special Projects

VDI offers comprehensive investigative solutions for corporate clients facing operational challenges. Successful resolution of these issues requires discreet professionals with experience conducting sensitive negotiations in opaque environments. VDI specializes in intelligence gathering and the quiet negotiation and resolution of disputes with third parties, other companies and host governments. We also liaise with local law enforcement and retain specialized surveillance teams to resolve matters of fraud, corruption, corporate espionage, sabotage, threats of violence, and extortion.

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